Sorry… Your Email Is Dead!

I made a discovery the other day about emails…

You know how sometimes you go to a page and it wont accept your email address or you never get an email after subscribing? Well it might not be an issue with the page or the email service they’re using.

It might be…


Here’s what I’m talking about…

I recently created a squeeze page from something I’ll be telling you about soon πŸ˜‰

I started sending some of my Facebook group people to it and people started having issues. Many couldn’t subscribe or if they could my confirmation message was going to their SPAM folder.

Initially we thought this was an issue with Optimize Press, but after some back in forth and looking at log files (yeah I had to get super techy with this issue) we found that Aweber was blocking certain email address.

Very few were for absolutely NO reason, but many were from what they call “role based emails”.

Note: Here’s the page from Aweber that talks about this

Emails like this…


So, if you’re using an email address on your domain then many autoresponders are blocking these.

Now I know on my side there are many things I can do to ensure my emails end up in your inbox, but if you really want my emails or the emails of others that you subscribe to then you need to make sure you’re using a good email address.

AOL, hotmail, Outlook, and yahoo emails are also emails that are getting blocked by Aweber and other email services.

My best advice?

No clue as of right now. πŸ™‚

I’m going back and forth with Aweber right now on figuring all of this out, and will update you as soon as I have a concrete answer, but I wanted to bring this information to you RIGHT NOW so you have a heads up of some problems that you might have in actually getting email. I know it’s a lot of you because you’re always on the helpdesk saying you didn’t get this email or that email.

Aweber is supposed to get back with me with an answer on Monday and then I can give you more details… Until then…

If you’re using domain name email make sure you’re not using one of the mentioned roles emails. Use something like

If you use one of the mentiioned services then I recommend you stand by until Aweber tells me what to tell YOU guys. πŸ˜‰

Talk soon!


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