Unrestricted PLR Is BS!

I’ve got something to talk to you about today that will probably tick a few people off… 🤷

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Okay so on this “unrestricted PLR is BS” claim that I’ve made…

I was talking with a coaching client today who is working on creating and launching her first PLR package and had some questions for me as she was working on her PLR package. She asked me what unrestricted PLR content was and I had to pause for a second and take a deep breath, so I didn’t start cussing. 😂

Unrestricted PLR is one of the stupidest terms I’ve heard because 99.9% of people ARE NOT actually giving you unrestricted PLR content when they say they are.

Unrestricted means without restrictions. So, if there is a license file that comes with that PLR that says you can’t do this or that then there are restrictions and you are NOT buying unrestricted PLR. I can’t think of anyone that has true unrestricted PLR that they sell. (If you do, please let me know…)

Heck, I have some of the most liberal PLR license terms in the industry and I still can’t claim that I sell unrestricted PLR because I don’t allow people to use my name in the marketing of the content and they can’t give the RIGHTS to the content away for-free. Those are MY restrictions. They can do so much with it even RESELL the PLR to most of my PLR.

So, the next time you see someone trying to sell you “unrestricted PLR” make sure you know the restrictions.

I have another client who bought a ton of PLR to resell. The sales page said it was “unrestricted PLR” so he bought it to put in his store where he sells PLR. Once he had it all downloaded, he noticed this “unrestricted PLR” couldn’t be sold AS PLR. He just wasted a ton of money on content he couldn’t use the way he wanted. 😱

Don’t worry about him… After brainstorming with me I showed him how he COULD use it and make money with it even though he couldn’t use it in the initial way he wanted, and then pointed him to actual PLR content he could resell the PLR to. That’s what happens when you have a coach like me. 😉

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So… Word of warning. Before you plop down the money for ANY kind of PLR content make sure you know what rights you have. Before you sell ANY kind of PLR content make sure that you are wording things correctly and that you are completely upfront on what rights you are giving your customers.

Okay so that’s it for today… I’m about to hop on my bike for a much needed bike ride just so I can turn around stuff my face with nachos later tonight for dinner. I’m putting lettuce, tomato, and onions on the top of them, so we can call that a salad, right? 😉

Talk soon!


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