The 10 Most-Effective Types Of Calls To Action And When To Use Them

Look… A button or link doesn’t do a whole lot on its own to compel someone to take action. That’s why you need to specifically instruct people on what you want them to do next. This is referred to, of course, as your CTA, or call to action.

Heads up…

There is no one-size-fits-all CTA. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at these ten effective CTAs and when to use them…

1. General Offer CTA

This is a call to action that you use when you want someone to purchase a product or service, but you’re not offering any discounts or other special offers.

For example: 

Click here to purchase this meal-planning app today – and do it now, because this is your key to losing weight and getting healthy!

Take out your credit card and click here to join the #1 copywriting club – this is a great way to start making more money with every sales letter!

This is probably one of the most common calls to action you’ll use, as it’s a great way to promote a product at the end of a piece of content.

2. Special Offer CTA

Whether you’re launching a product or you just want to drum up some sales with a special offer, this is the call to action to use.

For example:

Click here now to claim your 50% discount – but hurry, because this coupon expires tomorrow!

Be one of the first 50 people to order this tub of whey protein, and you’ll get a second tub absolutely free! So click here now before this special offer ends…

Next up…

3. Upsell/Cross-Sell CTA

If you’ve already convinced your reader to purchase a product, then your next step is to persuade them to purchase something else. Ideally this call to action should go on the order page itself, although in some cases you may offer it as an additional option right inside an email, particularly in a follow-up (post-purchase) email. Just make sure you set your email automation up correctly if doing this right inside of the email.

For example:

Click here to double your whey protein order for just $25 more…

Click here to upgrade to the gold membership, where you’ll get two free coaching sessions every month…


4. One-Time Offer CTA

The idea here is to present a one-time offer. If the prospect doesn’t take advantage of the offer, they’ll never see that particular offer again. This special offer might include a discount, bonus products, or both.

TIP: If you want to create even more urgency with a one-time offer, then present a countdown timer next to the offer. For example, you might give your prospect 60 minutes to order, before the offer disappears off the table forever.

For example:

You’ll only see this offer one-time, so order in the next 60 minutes before it’s gone for good!

This is a one-time offer that you can only take advantage of today, so order now to avoid disappointment!

Here’s the next CTA you’ll want to use…

5. Lead Generation CTA

Now you may be looking at this CTA and thinking, “Wait a minute… why on earth would I want to use a lead-generation call to action when my leads are already on my mailing list?”

There are two good reasons to direct your subscribers to join a mailing list:

1. You can segment your list by offering your subscribers freemiums for joining your other lists.

2. You may be doing a joint venture where you tell your leads to join your JV partner’s mailing list (and they do the same for you).

For example:

Enter your name and email address in the form below, and then click “submit” to download this free WordPress plugin!

Click here to get your free golfing report – it’s sure to shave strokes off your game, so claim yours today!

This gets your existing subscribers onto an additional list with additional targeted mailings to create additional streams of income!


6. Free event CTA

One of the most valuable ways to offer information is through a live event such as a webinar or even an offline workshop held in a hotel or other conference room. These sorts of events are also great ways to generate leads or even segment an existing list.

Here are two examples of how to put this call to action to work for you:

Now you too can discover the secrets of getting washboard abs – click here to register for this free webinar!

Are you on the path to retiring with at least one million dollars in the bank? Find out tonight at 9:00 by hopping on this free webinar. Click here now to register – and hurry, because seating is limited…


7. Contest Entry CTA

If you’re looking for a way to drum up some excitement in your niche, you might offer your prospects and customers a chance to win prizes through a contest.

Here’s what your calls to action might look like:

Click here to enter the contest for free—and do it now, because you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on winning these great prizes!

Click here to enter the contest now—and be sure to tell your friends, because you’ll get an extra chance to win if you share the contest on social media!


8. Get More Info CTA

Sometimes you may want your prospects to contact you for more information. Maybe you want them to call you for a free consultation, or perhaps email you about their needs. If you do any pre-sale consults, then you’ll want to use this call to action.

For example:

Click here to begin your free 15-minute consultation (hurry, this offer is limited to the next 25 people who act now…)

Click here to get your free no-obligation estimate for web development and marketing – you might be surprised at just how affordable it is to put your best foot forward!


9. Read More/See More CTA

Sometimes when people get to the end of a piece of content, you simply want them to look at another article, read a social media post, or perhaps watch a video. That’s where this call to action comes in. It’s a great way to get people to your blog to see your ads, and it also works well to get your prospects to watch a pre-selling video.

For example:

If you liked this article, then you’re going to love Part 2, where you’ll discover 10 more fat-busting secrets. Click here to read it now…

The very best way to learn how to tune a carburetor is to watch someone else do it first. Click here to watch a video where you can literally look over my shoulder as I clean and tune a ’66 Mustang carb…

And finally…

10. Social media sharing CTA

If you’re trying to kick start a viral effect, then you’ll want to include this call to action alongside the content you want shared.

For example:

Your friends will love finding out this secret too! Click here to share it with them on Facebook…

Do you know anyone else who’s struggling with insomnia? Click here to share this article with them so they can start getting some much-needed sleep…

Now let’s wrap things up…

It’s not enough to simply drop a link, button, or form in front of your prospects. If you want to get great response rates, you need to offer a strong call to action. And you just learned ten of the most effective calls to action along with good times to use them. Put them to work for you starting today, as I know you’ll love your results!

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