The Sales Copy Bible!

Over the last few days I’ve been talking about an amazing resource to help you learn to write sales copy and the importance of you having this skill.

If you missed this resource you can see it at

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Learning to write sales copy is a NEVER ENDING process. I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years now and I have NEVER stopped learning to do it and I have NEVER stopped practicing.

That’s truly the key to getting good at it. That’s how you get to the BIG results…

Sales copy is a part of my everyday activities in my business. Yours too!

I use sales copy every day in EVERYTHING I do in my online business because I’m constantly marketing something. It’s literally what puts food on my table, pays my bills, allows me to travel, and the list goes on and on. It’s why I have the lifestyle I have.

Yes, I sell only the best stuff in all of my online businesses, BUT I have to use sales copy to get people to buy that stuff.

So, I am officially calling Psycho Profits 3.0 our sales copy bible for #TeamTomey and we will be having many more conversations about sales copy. However, ALL of those conversations will be built upon what’s taught in Psycho Profits 3.0.

And when I say conversations, I mean my teachings. 😉 I have some resources I want to create to help you write better sales copy for your sales pages, ads, emails, content, etc. and I’ll be showing you how the knowledge in Psycho Profits 3.0 fuels that stuff.

You’re going to see things put into ACTION! 

For now, we’re going to wrap our conversation on sales copy up. Make sure you get Psycho Profits 3.0 at

Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

Have questions about writing sales copy? Send them to me at and we will talk about it in future teachings. 😍

Talk soon!


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