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Yesterday I sent you an email about my secret weapon…

If you missed that email you can read it at https://liztomey.com/blog/the-secret-weapon-i-dont-talk-about

I had a few people email and ask about my process for writing sales copy and getting it up and online and making sales, so I want to give you that run down today…

Nowadays writing copy for sales pages goes like this…

Step 1: I decide what components I want to be on my sales page…

Things like sub-headline, headline, open, offer, etc. etc.

Step 2: Then I open up Word and my favorite AI tool and get it to help me create the sales copy for each of these components. Now if I didn’t know the function of each component, I couldn’t do this. AI is a great TOOL, but you still need to bring it some knowledge. Contrary to popular belief you can’t just ask AI to create a sales letter for you and it will just magically spit everything out. You’ve got to know WHAT information to “feed it” first.

There is a copywriting course called Psycho Profits 3.0 (https://www.LizTomey.com/PsychoProfits3) that teaches about all the different components that you can use in your sales copy and how to write each of them to create a sales page that makes people want to-buy. You’ll even learn what to put into AI so you can do this super quick!

Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

Step 3: After all of my components of my sales page are created, I have my first draft. I sit on that for 24 hours. I completely walk away and forget about it. I come back 24 hours later, polish it up and have sales copy I can use to build a sales page to sell whatever it is I am creating this sales copy for.

Step 4: I use Optimize Press to build my sales page, add my order buttons, and I’m ready to start making sales with sales copy that actually WORKS to make people want to buy.

Side Note: I have an entire workshop where I show you how I take sales copy and use Optimize Press to build an online sales page, add my order buttons, add my customers to a customer list, deliver the purchase to the customer and do it all in an automated way. There is no cost or opt-in for this workshop. It’s posted right on YouTube at https://youtu.be/fDLYmaouPXk?si=f-Qv5PyzmdRTYIW7

Step 5: I promote the page and make-money!

Does this take time?


Does this take work?


BUT… I do this ONE time per “thing” I want to make-money with, and I have something that makes me-money over and over again, so it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Now YOU have my entire process, and YOU can do the same thing with just the details I’ve given you in this email.

Start by grabbing Psycho Profits 3.0 from https://www.LizTomey.com/PsychoProfits3 (don’t forget the coupon code) and learning about the components that you need to use in your sales copy, how to write them, and how to use AI to help you write them quicker and more effective.

Then write your sales copy, polish it up, and then use that video tutorial I gave you to get it all setup online and ready for SALES!

I’ve taught all of this information in several of my workshops, but NOW you have it ALL in one easy to read step-by-step application. You now have THE MOST powerful tactic to make-money in your online business.

What are you going to do with this information?

Sit on it and do nothing?


Take this information and actually put it into play for yourself right now?

Choose wisely, grasshopper… YOUR success depends on it!

Psycho Profits 3.0 https://www.LizTomey.com/PsychoProfits3

Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

Talk soon!


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