The Secret Weapon I Don’t Talk About!

Blog Photo Explained: In this picture I had just been back from Mexico for a few weeks. I never thought it would be hard to transition back to my own culture, but looking back it was VERY hard. That’s very hard to explain and only those who have gone and lived in a different culture will understand.

I snapped this picture after moving into my apartment totally by myself. I had to move stuff in, put stuff together, and deal with my brain that was screaming for me to get back to Mexico, but I needed to be where I was at that time. I did it all on my own and figured things out and I was totally ok. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do and just smile through it. 😉 Okay… On to this blog post… 

I have a confession to make…

There’s something I don’t talk about often and it’s LITERALLY the MOST important (and PROFITABLE) thing you need to know as an online business owner…

What is it?

How to write sales copy…

Wait! Before you run off… 🏃

Why don’t I talk about it?

Because it’s boring, it takes work, and people don’t like those two things.

That’s the honest truth and it’s SOOOO sad because knowing how to write sales copy is the one BIG thing that will actually allow you to make-money in your online business.

Look, if you will just turn off your SOS (shiny object syndrome) for just a few minutes and listen to me and actually start learning to write sales copy then you’re going to go from buying this thing and that thing to making-money from this thing and that thing.

As online business owners we need to write sales copy for all kinds of things…

Sales letters, emails, ads, even in content for calls to actions, and so much more. Sales copy is the life blood of an online business.

When you learn to write sales copy you get a superpower. The power to persuade people to spend-money with you!

Of course, you can hire someone every single time you need some sales copy written, but that’s expensive, it’s hard to find quality people, and it’s one more standing in between you and making-sales. Let’s face it… You don’t need one more thing standing in your way, right? 😉

Now you might be thinking… 🤔

Sounds great, Liz, but I don’t want to spend money to have someone teach me how to write sales copy. I also don’t have a lot of time to learn how to do it.

First… Your mindset sucks if you’re thinking that…

I just told you it’s THE one thing that will allow you to make-money in your online business.

I’ve been doing this stuff for almost 20 years now… I know what DOES and DOES NOT work.


Being able to write sales copy is LITERALLY the secret sauce you search all over the Internet for.

You’ll invest money in every $20 crap push-button thingy out there, but you don’t want to put time and a bit of money into learning to write sales copy?

Really think about that…

Most of you (not all of you) are guilty of this way of thinking…

You’ve got to stop that and start taking things seriously…

Be willing to invest in things that are actually PROVEN to work for you.

Be willing to put the time into learning and applying those things.

Be willing to WORK for it.

Okay… I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant, but I’m seeing so many of you chasing your tails and it breaks my heart for you. I know you have REAL dreams. So, take REAL actions to make those dreams come true.

So, you can do one of a few things today…

1. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting the results (or lack of) you’re getting

2. Spend a ton of money every time you need to write sales copy for something and hire a copywriter


3. Start EASILY learning to write sales copy RIGHT NOW using Psycho Profits 3.0

Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

Okay, that’s it for today… Hopefully you’ll take the advice I’ve just given you and put it to use. Stop chasing what MIGHT work and use what actually works. Acquire the skill of being able to write sales copy and you’ll ALWAYS be able to make-money in your online business.

It starts here >>>

Talk soon!


7 Comments to “The Secret Weapon I Don’t Talk About!”

  1. Hi Liz
    Firstly, thank you for highlighting this product.
    Secondly, writing is and has been part of my life for as long as I can remember (and that’s quite a lot of remembering years lol), I use the written word on a daily basis in my content creation, social media marketing and other writing services and yes, I have studied a lot of the years, but this certainly looks like an opportunity for growth…so, I am ON IT!
    Thanks again for all you do
    Best Regards
    Dominus Owen Markham

    1. liztomey Author

      What do you think of the product? I have it saved in my “copywriting” folder and keep going back to it over and over. I absolutely love how it teaches writing copy. So much easier for me now.


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