My Journey With ChatGPT And Everything AI

I can’t believe I’m doing it… I’ve have wandered my way (after putting it off for months) to the dark side. Well to what some think is the dark side.

What am I talking about?

ChatGPT and everything AI.

I see everyone and their brother releasing products on how to use it, make money with it, and all that jazz and until just a few days ago I had completely ignored it because I just didn’t have time.

Until my good ol’ buddy (Hi Boo! 😘) Arun created a guide on it. I sat down and read it all in one reading and I was truly blown away. Now I got the PLR to it and took it and made it mine, so if you’re dying to see what I read and why it got my attention you can download the whole thing by clicking here!

So, this post marks my first journey into everything ChatGPT and everything else AI because I found this all isn’t JUST ChatGPT. This is a whole niche and a whole bunch of different tools that use AI to do different “things”. If you read the guide, you’ll see several of those different things.

My question is do my readers want to see what I’m doing on this journey? Do you want to know what I’m using AI for? What possibilities I find to make money with it? What tools I’m using? What resources I’m studying? All that stuff!

If so, let me know by leaving a comment below. If I get enough responses I will update you as I have updates and tell you my findings.


Okay… Leave your comments below! Just give me a yes and/or give me your tips, your questions, etc. and TOGETHER we will see where this journey takes us. If not I’ll just keep it all to myself. 😂