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Turning The Page On Traditional Marketing: Flipbooks For The Digital Age

Blog Photo Explained: As most of my readers know I lived in Mexico for a while and LOVED it! The culture is amazing there. Here’s my silly tail wearing a traditional hat from near the region I lived in… Tierra Caliente. This is an area located in the states of Michoacán, Guerrero and Mexico. While it’s considered a hot area (both climate and danger levels) of Mexico it’s gorgeous, holds a ton of history, and so so so much culture! Try the mezcal… You might not remember much of the experience, but it’s well worth it! 😂

If there’s one thing that’s constant in the digital marketing space, it’s change. Things are always changing, and you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive and get more sales.

Up until now, PDFs have been the standard format for delivering ebooks, reports, etc. While PDFs are great, there’s a relatively new ‘player’ in town and it’s skyrocketing in popularity.

That player is none other than flipbooks… and it’s the latest trend in presenting content to your audience.

Flipbooks have been around for years, but recently, they’ve gained increased traction and ubiquity due to advancements in AI technology and other new features.

If we searched for the term “flipbooks” on Google trends, we’d notice that the trend is evergreen and rising in popularity.

Whether you are a fan of flipbooks or not, the undeniable truth is that many people enjoy using them. By not leveraging the power of flipbooks, you’ll inevitably be left behind and be doing yourself and your customers a disservice.

You’re definitely going to want to jump on the flipbook bandwagon… but first… let’s see why these books are so popular!

10 Reasons Flipbooks Are So Popular

1. Engaging user experience

Reading a flipbook is far more fun and visual than reading a boring old PDF. With a flipbook, you can see the pages turning, and if you have your sound enabled, you can even hear the ‘swoosh’ sound of the page turning. Despite being in digital format, it seems almost tactile in nature. Reading a flipbook and makes us feel like we’re reading a traditional book. There’s also no need to keep scrolling down to read more. It’s far easier to consume content in a flipbook format. The interactive navigation will also allow the reader to get to specific pages of the book/report without needing to scroll up to find the contents table and so on. It’s fast and convenient.

If you stopped to think about it, even books displayed on Kindle devices operate similarly to flipbooks. The pages flip without needing the reader to expend effort scrolling. This makes for a better user experience.

2. Mobile friendly

Flipbooks look great on mobile devices too. Reading PDFs on a mobile device can be difficult because of the way the content is displayed. The words may be too small and once again, the reader will need to scroll. But flipbooks are optimized for mobile devices and create an awesome reading experience.

3. Embeddable on websites

One fantastic benefit of flipbooks is that you can embed them on your website. Visitors can read your book without ever leaving your site. This will increase your site’s retention rate.

Forget the old way of getting the reader to download a PDF, then opening it and so on. With flipbooks, all the reader needs to do is click on a link and voila! The book opens right in front of them… on the same page. Easy peasy.

4. A better way to generate leads

As mentioned earlier, one click is all it takes. When generating leads with an opt-in page and a freebie report, instead of sending the reader a PDF download, just have a link to your flipbook online.

Once again, it’s hassle free. Your new subscriber can just bookmark the page and return to it whenever they wish to read it.

5. Easy to update/revise

The problem with PDFs is that once they’re downloaded by your readers, it’s almost impossible to revise or update them. Even if you re-upload the latest version, there will be still be old PDF copies of your book/report floating around for the rest of eternity.

Maybe a slight exaggeration. But you get the point. 😉

With flipbooks, you can edit them online (any time you wish) and the changes will be reflected instantly. Your books will always be relevant, up-to-date, and accurate.

6. Integrates with other media formats

Another fantastic advantage of flipbooks is that you can embed YouTube/Vimeo videos in them. Readers will be able to watch videos within their books.

Can you imagine how cool that is?

Even Harry Potter never had it this good! 😂

Flipbooks are convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and have extremely cool features that will help people consume content in different modalities. They’re highly versatile!

7. Analytics

Like management consultant, Peter Drucker, once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Flipbooks provide you with analytics and data that’s priceless for your marketing. You’ll be able to see how many people viewed your flipbook within a specific time period. Even your reader retention rate will be displayed and it’ll give you an accurate idea of how many people complete reading your book… and how many stop halfway.

If you notice that most readers drop off at a certain page in your flipbook, you can edit the content to make it more interesting so that they keep reading.

You’ll even be able to see if anyone printed out your flipbook. This data which is almost on a granular level will help you to target your audience better and tailor the content to suit their needs.

8. Shareability

Flipbooks can be protected or they can be set to public. If set to public, these books are highly shareable.

Imagine this scenario where your reader John wishes to share your ebook with his wife, Stephanie. If it was a traditional PDF, he’d have to attach it to an email and send it to her. She’d then have to open the email, download the PDF, then find it and open it before she can start reading. In most cases, Steph would not bother with the inconvenience and prefer to just turn on the TV and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, with a flipbook, John just needs to text message or email the URL to Stephanie, and with JUST ONE CLICK, she’ll be devouring the engaging content in your flipbook.

Congrats! You’ve just earned a new fan! Sorry, Kim. 😂

The accessibility and shareability of flipbooks may even make them go “viral” and reach a wider audience than you ever expected.

By now, you’re probably realizing just how powerful flipbooks can be. But there’s more!

9. Great for customization and branding

Since flipbooks are essentially web pages, there are a lot more options to customize and brand these books to make them more pleasing to the eye. You could also use your brand colors so that the books are in congruence with your official website and so on.

10. Better affiliate opportunities

Having affiliate links in flipbooks is better than having links in a PDF. With a PDF, when someone clicks on a link, the PDF software may throw up a pop up asking if the reader wishes to allow the link to open. This can discourage some readers and they may close the pop up.

With a flipbook, the moment they click a link, a page will open in a new tab showing them the offer you’re promoting and so on. This will not only make it easier for the reader, but it’ll improve conversions and boost your sales.

It’s a win-win for both you and the reader.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Flipbook Software

There are several popular flipbook software tools out there. One of the best that I found is Easy Flipbook. It’s reliable and has 1000+ satisfied users.

There are other flipbook software brands out there… but not all are made equal.

Here’s what you need to look out for when choosing a flipbook software.

Easy to use – A good flipbook software will have a user-friendly interface and be almost intuitive to use. With Easy Flipbook, you’ll be proficiently creating flipbooks like a pro within 15 minutes. Awesome!

Tutorials must be provided – While the flipbook software may be simple to use, you want to ensure that the vendor has also provided tutorials to guide you. At the very least, there should be a helpdesk to answer any queries that you may have.

One-time or recurring fee – Some flipbook software like Easy Flipbook have a one-time fee. That makes them highly cost-effective. Beginner marketers on a tight budget will prefer this brands that they only need to pay for once.

Other flipbook brands may have a monthly fee. There are pros and cons to both.

With a one-time fee, you’ll save money in the long run but the downside is that the tool may not be updated and the vendor may neglect the product after a while.

With a monthly fee flipbook, you can rest assured that the tool will be constantly updated. However, you’ll have to pay every month and the monthly costs can add up.

My suggestion is that you pay one-time for Easy Flipbook and call it a day. The vendor is reliable and the tool is new. It’s here to stay. 🎉

Are the flipbooks hosted for you? – Ideally, you’ll want to host your flipbooks on your own website server. Never build your house on rented land. Having your flipbooks on someone else’s server can be risky. If their site goes down, so will your flipbooks. While Easy Flipbook is kind enough to offer free hosting for your books (ideal for marketers on a shoestring budget who have no web hosting), ultimately, you want the books on your web server.

Speed – The tool must allow you to generate flipbooks fast! You don’t want to be spending hours just to create 1 flipbook. Easy Flipbook will create a flipbook in minutes for you.

Shareable… but includes built-in security options – You must be able to share your flipbooks with others… but the software must also have the option to protect your content, if you only want paying customers to access it.

Analytics – As mentioned earlier, having analytics and data is key to improving the quality of your flipbooks. The software you use must have this analytics feature.

It MUST support video! – People love watching videos online. Being able to embed videos in your flipbook will not only make it easier for you to create instructional content, but the videos will also hold your readers’ attention and increase your book’s reader retention rate.

These are just a few of the most important features you’ll need in your flipbook software.

I found all of them in Easy Flipbook… which is why we’re such huge fans of the software. It’s truly one of the best around.

Should you get a flipbook creation tool?

If you’ve read this far, you already know the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Here are a few ways you can use flipbooks:

To deliver your lead magnets
To deliver the ebooks you sell
To add your tutorial videos
To offer a flipbook creation service on freelancer sites like Fiverr
To showcase for your customer testimonials
To personalize and rebrand PLR ebooks/articles you have
To be used as a component/module in your product bundle to boost sales
And much more!

You’re only limited by your creativity.

You can’t go wrong with flipbooks and most marketers will be able to leverage them in their business one way or another.

Ride this trend and use this engaging and fun format to hook your readers and make them enjoy your content. Flipbooks will make you look more professional and increase your credibility.

Start using them today!

Click here to get my #1 recommendation for creating flipbooks… Easy Flipbook! 

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Are You Using AI-Profitably In Your Biz?

Blog Photo Explained: If you look closely at this photo you’ll see it looks a little like me. 🙂 I took the photo on the left and turned it into the photo on the right using MidJourney and a plugin. How cool is AI getting? I’m just getting into the graphics side of it, but I’m super excited for what the very near future holds!

Hey #TeamTomey! We’ve been talking A LOT about AI lately. I’m seeing the power in it and more importantly doing so many things with it for my business.


Product creation

Social media content creation

Content creation for all kinds of other things

Sales copy for so many different things (sales pages, emails, ads, etc.)

My mind is BLOWN! 🤯

I’ve started taking all of this information and breaking it down into USEABLE information and also giving YOU the reseller PLR to that information.

So far, we have covered AI in general for online business, and then I came out with the first PLR pack that is focused on a tactic.

The AI For Internet Marketers Crash Course Learning System With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/ai-for-internet-marketers-plr

The AI For Research For Internet Marketers Learning System With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/ai-for-research-for-internet-marketers-plr

The next AI Learning System with Reseller PLR will be on the topic of digital product creation using AI. I’m going to deep dive into this and show you all how I’m using AI to create all kinds of digital products in different niches and for different purposes. To make-money, to build relationships with my followers, as list builders, and so much more.

AI is making digital product creation so fast, and if done correctly SUPER-profitable! 🤑

I’ll let you know as soon as that’s ready. It will be the 3rd release in the AI series with Reseller PLR, and this content is going fast, so you need to be quick to get your hands on it.

One last note… A few people have asked me what AI tools I’m currently using. There are so many out there and you need to be careful. If you’re just getting started, you just need a few tools. Don’t buy a bunch of tools. Right now, ChatGPT and Bard are the two main ones and if you want to create graphics with AI MidJourney and Ideogram.ai are the two I’m using.

You can see what tools I’m using, recommendations for prompts, and more at https://aiforim.com/the-best-ai-resources

You might be feeling like there’s A LOT to AI, but there’s only as much to as YOU need. Meaning… Know what YOUR needs are, and only focus on tools and learning that meet those needs. You don’t need to know it all!

Okay… The weekend is here. I’m working on a project that’s really been on my heart for a while that I will be revealing to you soon AND I’m gearing up for a BIG trip that I haven’t talked about either. Yep… It’s time to leave the country again for a while. ✈️ More about all of that later!

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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4 Brand New BIG Products With PLR!

Over the last few days I have had a lot of people send me messages about how much they love my PLR. I’ll be honest… I LOVE those kind of messages. It let’s me know that I’m providing you guys with what you need.

It’s winter and it’s cold right now so I’m just hunkered down (I think that’s a Southern USA saying *lol*) and creating all the PLR content I can for you guys. Because as soon as that warm weather comes back I’ll be working A LOT less and finding new adventures to go on.

So get all the content while you can!

I just released a HUGE package with FOUR different “Big Book of Ideas” products in it. There’s over 190 pages of content here. These would be amazing for those of you looking to create your own products. I’m even doing a workshop showing how to take these and turn them into your own products that you’ll get too!

And of course you can also use them in just about any other way that you want…

You can see what I’ve created for you at http://www.TodayInPLR.com/big-book-of-ideas-plr

This IS a TON of content and each product in the bundle comes with it’s own mini sales letter, so it’s a bit more expensive than my other packages, but there’s so much more in it, so it’s MORE than worth it.

And… For the next 48 hours, I have it at it’s lowest possible price. Once the timer expires that price will go WAY up, so make sure you grab this one now!


Okay… That’s it for today! I’m going to go catch up on email messages from you all, do that workshop I mentioned above, and get started on my next PLR package. I hope you all are using this “down time” to plot and plan what you’ll be doing to make-money in 2023. I know I sure am! 🙂

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The $37,000 Story

It’s been quite a while since I’ve told this story, but I’ve told it to many people over the years because I want people to truly understand what happens when you create a product that helps people, and you do a full product launch for it.

So back in 2004 my ex-husband had gotten laid off from his job. We lived in a tiny town (Gates, TN) of about 800 people. Getting laid off from a job in most places isn’t a big deal, but when it’s in a town of 800 people there’s not a whole lot of other jobs. NONE actually…

At the time I was running a direct mail advertising business. My business was doing about $60,000 a year and with his income of about $40,000 a year we lived pretty well. The cost of living in the South of the US is REALLY low and even with 5 kids at home at the time we still did pretty well.

But… When he got laid off our income basically got cut in half.

For years my ex-husband had worked his butt off. He also juggled 5 kids while working his butt off. So when he got laid off we had this conversation…

Me: Hey! I have an idea. You’ve always been super dad and worked a ton of hours. Why don’t you take over my direct mail advertising business, and I’ll start an online business. I’m pretty sure I can at least replace your income.

Him: Dead silence…

The look of terror on his face told me this probably wasn’t my best idea. After talking about it for a bit I got him on board. Between he and my mom I don’t know who had more faith in my abilities. 🙂

So I taught him the ropes of running my direct mail advertising business, and I went to work on creating an online business.

Fast forward six months…

I hadn’t created an online business. I just didn’t know what to do. There were so many options, and I just didn’t know which way to turn.

I knew I had to do something though because…

1. We were almost 4 months behind on our mortgage payment. Folks that’s foreclosure status just FYI.

2. We were about to have our vehicles repossessed.

3. Utility companies were threatening to shut off our services.

4. The groceries were getting stretched pretty thin!

So I looked around at all these people running different online businesses and saw a few people talking about “product launches” they were doing where they were making tens of thousands of dollars. Some of them even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

(John Reese hadn’t set the record yet in the industry for a million dollar launch at this point. If you know that little fact you’ve been in the business for a very long time.)

So I decided I was going to create a product and launch it and make a ton of money…

I started looking on forums to see what people were talking about so I could find a topic to create my product around. At the time Joint Ventures (in terms of getting people to promote your products for you) was a HOT topic.

I started asking questions about the topic, and started getting really good answers from people about it. I contacted 10 or 11 of the people who answered me and asked if I could take their answers and compile them into an ebook I was creating called Joint Venture Seeker.

Not one of them turned me down because I told them in return I’d add their name and website to the entry in my ebook. Once I got my ebook created I added in some workbooks that I created to help people, access to a special forum dedicated to networking, and a few other things like recorded interviews.

I packaged everything up, created a download page, created a sales page, and I had my very first product. No upsells or anything like that. Just a great product loaded with information that people WANTED!

(This was way before Mike Filsaime came out with Butterfly Marketing and taught us all about upsells. Again if you remember that you’ve been in this business a very long time.)

I added an affiliate program in and then went to the people who had given me the initial information for my ebook and asked if they’d promote. All but one of them said yes, and within two weeks of launching Joint Venture Seeker I did $37,000 in sales.

That product launch literally saved my entire family from financial destruction.

It’s now 2024 and I’ve done product launch after product launch now to the tune of millions of dollars since then.

I believe in the product launch strategy so much because it’s exactly how I got my start and it’s exactly why I am where I am today!

I’m not sharing this story to brag… I’m sharing this story to give you hope. If a high school AND college drop out can create and launch products that not only allowed her to stay home with 5 kids, but her husband too, I know that you can do it.

If you don’t have a product yet… Create one!

There’s so many options for creating a product in so many different niches and it’s never been easier with all the tools and training you have at your finger tips.

Once you have your product, create a sales letter and download page for it.

Once you’ve done that create a jv page and start contacting people about your product and get them to promote it. Yes, there is a lot of strategies and tactics that are involved, but it can be done.

Again with all the tools and training and technology out there, there is no reason you can’t do it.

You’ve just got to start somewhere…

Side Note: One of the best places to start is with ME as your coach and access to an arsenal of learning systems that will give you the SKILLS you need to start your own online business. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in the The Ultimate Online Business Skills Mastery Bundle at https://www.LizTomey.com/online-business-skills-bundle

So there you go… Now you know how Liz Tomey got started and the power of launching products. Make sure and leave any comments or questions you have below and I’ll reply to you.

To your success!

Liz Tomey