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Day 3 – 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge

Today we started talking about something we’re going to continue to talk about several times during this Challenge. How to do Facebook Lives and what they do for your business. I mentioned several links tonight to help you further with your education on doing Facebook Lives. As I learn I’ll be updating you guys.

Here are the links mentioned in this Live:

The FB Live Challenge From 5 Years Ago 😂 – This was Day 1 of 24. On the blog you will find all the way until Day 16. Day 17-24 are somewhere on Facebook.  🤷‍♀️ But if you’d like to browse through what I did 5 years ago you can get started at

Behind The Scenes Of Doing A Facebook Live –

My FB Live On How To Do FB Lives –

Example FB Live Format –

And here’s the replay of the Day 3!

Notes From Liz

Notes On Getting A Domain Name

Getting a domain name is always your first step in getting your online business up and going.

As time goes on and you build your business bigger and bigger you’ll find yourself buying more of these domain names.

For instance with my business I have… which is my main site. which is a site I use to manage my affiliate links via a WordPress plugin. which is my support site.

And then I have about 500 more (yes seriously) that I’ve bought for various reasons.

Now most of you wont ever have that many, but you will probably have 10-20 as you do this or that online to build your business.

I use to buy ALL of my domain names. Some people don’t like GoDaddy, but I’ve been with them since like 1999 with zero issues. Knock on wood! 🙂

No matter if you go with GoDaddy or a different registrar, make sure you pick ONE and stick with it. Don’t buy domains from here and there just because one registrar has a sale. The confusion and issues just aren’t worth it. Stick with ONE!

So, pick a domain name for your business, if you buy more domains stick to one registrar!

I’ve started this post here on the blog to share tutorials with you about getting domain names, how to use them, and the like.

If you have questions about domain names make sure and leave them below. I’ll answer them here and create any tutorials that you may need to learn from.

I look forward to helping you with all your domain name questions. 🙂


Notes From Liz

And on Day 2 we had way too much fun! Arun Chandran made a special guest appearance and if you’ve been following our “little love story” on Facebook you know he’s my boo ❤️️ and favorite Facebook troll. 😂

More importantly… We talked about online businesses models and what to do if you want an online business and don’t know where to get started.

Here are the links mentioned in this Live:

The post about the new brand –

My latest FB Jail stay –

The Biz Model Review Blog –

And here’s the replay of the Day 2!

If I missed posting any links for you mentioned in this live, please let me know and I’ll post them here…

See you tomorrow!

Notes From Liz

Day 1 – 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge

5 years ago I started a 90 day Facebook Live Challenge. I got to Day 24 and stopped. 😢

Now I’m back…

On Day 1 we talked about how and what these Facebook lives will do for you and me, I challenged everyone to join the challenge with me, we talked about marketing, and since it’s Taco Tuesday I shared what tacos I ate today. 🙂

If I missed posting any links for you mentioned in this live, please let me know and I’ll post them here…

See you tomorrow!

Here’s the replay…


Notes From Liz

I’m In FB Jail Again!

If you’ve been on Facebook very long you probably at least know someone who has been put in what we call “FB Jail”. This is where Facebook restricts your account for a certain number of days because of something they say goes against their terms of service.

Now first let me say that MOST of the time they DID post something that goes against their terms of service. Just because you think something is ok, doesn’t mean that it is. And, at the end of the day it’s Facebook’s rules and we’re just playing their game. They can do whatever they want.

So, you have two options… Play along or quit the game. 🤷‍♀️

I have been in FB Jail for some stupid things. Like the time I posted a picture of my feet and my cousin said he wanted to tickle them and I commented that I would kick him if he ever did that.


3 days in Facebook jail for threatening someone…

Sometimes they are absolutely ridiculous, but I chalk it up to “the cost of doing business”.

Facebook is a great way for me to market my business, interact with my tribe, and it’s fun, so I just play their game.

Now today I posted about building the new brand, and second after I made the post not only did they remove the post, but they put me in Facebook jail stating my post went against their community standards on human exploitation.


How does THAT post have anything to do with human exploitation?

Luckily I was able to appeal it, and they said they were wrong, put my post back on Facebook, and let me out of FB jail.

I’m free!!!

So the point of this post is two fold…

I encourage you to follow me on all of my social media platforms. Here are all the links/accounts…








Second… You don’t necessarily need to be on EVERY social media site out there, but find the ones that work for your business and your niche. Build out your profile on each. Build a following on each.


Well because you never know when they will kick you off, put you in their jail, and/or disappear. Plus not everyone is using the same social media sites so you have more chances to get more people into your business by using multiple social media channels.

If you want to learn how to use social media marketing in your business I have a workshop for each of the BIG social media sites. You can see them all at

I recommend you start with one social network at a time, and as I said, build your profile CORRECTLY and build a following. And then move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat.

So, for now… I’m out of FB Jail and I look forward to sharing all my funny and crazy posts about life and lots of stuff about marketing. See you over there!

Notes From Liz

I’m Deleting My Lists And More!

This year will mark 18 years that I’ve had an online business. I’m pretty proud of that, and all the thanks goes to people like you who read my emails, read my blog posts, buy my products, etc.

So, first, a big huge THANK YOU!

I got started in this business by creating a product in the Internet marketing niche. As I learned and got results I came out with products on even more topics. During this time I have gone in several different niches and sold all kinds of products. Products I created, products I had someone else create for me, and lots of affiliate marketing.

If there’s a way to make-money online, I’ve probably done it, and I always come back and teach it to my followers.

Every few years I re-evaluate what I’m doing and over the last few months I’ve been thinking about how I can serve you better. The only way I can do that is to stream-line things a bit more and start “cutting some of the fat”.

I need more time to better help you, so I’m going to make some changes here at #TeamTomey

In the next few days I will be deleting one of my autoresponder accounts. Some of you get multiples of my emails because your subscribed to lists within both of my autoresponder accounts.

Don’t worry you’ll get an email telling you what to do to stay on my list before I do that, so don’t panic, but I want you to be aware that you WILL be getting that email in the next few days.

Once we get the list situation dealt with I will then be taking my multiple blogs and condensing them down to ONE blog. Not my niche stuff, but many of my brands that are in the Internet marketing and make-money online niche have their own blogs. I need to pull them all together into ONE blog.

This will be a long slow process and I’ll update you where everything is as things happen.

Now there’s more coming too, but as I said in my email a few weeks ago, I’m just telling you about things little by little, but I’m super focused on once again re-evaluate and making things better for you.

For now… Keep an eye on your email. When you get an email from me be sure to open it up because that might be the last email you get from me if you don’t take action.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with more updates soon, and of course if you have suggestions or questions you can always reach me at

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

The Workshop Brands

When I first got online I knew I wanted to teach people the things I knew about advertising and marketing their business. In 1998 I started a mailorder advertising business. We used adsheets and opportunity magazines to advertise our offers. I brokered advertising, created ad copy, did typesetting, did direct mail campaigns, and all kinds of stuff for businesses. All to help them get customers through the good ol’ mail. Snail mail…

I also had “dealers” (they’d be called affiliates now days) who I allowed to sell my services for a percentage of the profits. They’d run ads selling my services, get orders in the mail, pocket their part of the money, send me the other part along with the order and I’d fulfill the order for their customer.

Yes I’m a dinosaur in the advertising and marketing world at the ripe ol’ age of 42 now…

When I came to start a business online in 2004, I instantly started teaching people what I knew. I did coaching groups, and videos series, and ebooks, and everything else you can think of to take my knowledge and get it into other people’s hands.

I’ve now been doing that for 17 years…

Everything I learn I take and I pass it down…

Currently I do that all via online workshops. These workshops are done live via Zoom. You can attend and watch me do and teach everything live. They are also recorded so you can watch them at your convenience if you can’t make the lives or just need to rewatch them.

I currently have four brands that offer workshops… – All of the workshops from this brand focus on one topic that teaches about marketing your business online. I teach how to do list building and email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and more. This is what you need if you want to learn how to get more traffic into your business and more customers buying from you.  You can see all workshops from this brand by clicking here.

PassiveIncomeSquad.comPassive income… The money that comes in while you do little to nothing to make it is absolutely my favorite kind of money. All the workshops from this brand are dedicated to teaching you how to setup passive income streams and how to get them making you money. You can see all my passive income workshops by clicking here. – So many people want to make money online, but don’t know where to get started. The place to start is by deciding on what business model you want to follow. To help those of you looking for that perfect business model I cover one online business model per workshop. I teach how the business model makes money and how to get it all setup.  You can look through the current business model workshops I have by clicking here. – This one is an old brand that I’ve circled back around to, but I’m not going to be teaching workshops from it on how to make money with PLR (private label rights) content. Both with how to create and sell your own AND how to use PLR content that you buy to make money in your business and use it in your marketing.

Stay in the loop on workshops I launch, PLR packages I launch and everything else at

People absolutely LOVE my workshops because it’s all hands on learning. This isn’t just me talking through a PowerPoint presentation. This is me actively teaching you and showing you as I go. I encourage you to attend AT LEAST one workshop that meets your needs and experience learning from me. You’ll walk away with a ton of knowledge that you need, and they’re always highly entertaining via my shenanigans.

Hope to see you in my workshops!



Building An Online Business, Notes From Liz Is BACK!

Hey gang!

One of my favorite brands I have ever created is my brand.


Because the products and services that have come from this brand have made my people more-money than anything else I’ve ever put out there. 🙂

As the name says … all the products and services are based on PROVEN ready to go systems.

Systems that you can take and setup and start making-money with.

They build your list and make you money with digital products.

Each one I create I test to make sure it will actually work for you and then I spend time putting together tutorials that will help you get them setup. I show you EVERYTHING step by step.

So far I have created a ready to go list building system for the Internet marketing niche that comes complete with a special offer and a 30 day email campaign along with one for the list building niche.

They both have different list builders, special offers, and promote different products with YOU as the affiliate.

These are great because once you have them setup you just spend a little time driving traffic each day and BOOM…. you start seeing the money come in.

You can see these ready to go systems at…


And YES! You can use both… That would give you several streams of income!

I have plans for several different types of ready to go systems coming up, but if you’d like to give me your feedback with what you’d like to see or if you have any questions then just leave them in the comments below!

Notes From Liz

It’s Just A LOVE Note!

I’m just dropping in today to say I love you <3

No I haven’t lost my mind. *lol* Well not totally… I’m always on the brink of it though. 😉

Last night I was sitting at my desk thinking about the fact that this summer will be 17 years that I’ve had my online business.

I started with ONE digital product. An ebook… I created it and launched it, and the rest is history.

You can read that entire story at

Even if you haven’t been with me since then, that ONE thing brought us right here to this moment.

I am truly thankful for each and every one of you and I’m absolutely in love with what I do.

Helping YOU to create the online business of your dreams.

From the bottom of my heart… Thank you for your support!

Buying my products and services, following me on social media and commenting on my posts and sharing them, watching my videos on YouTube and giving me support over there, your amazing emails, sharing your lives with me, and the list goes on and on.

Each action you take I appreciate no matter how big or small.

Thank you for allowing me to be in your life, and trusting me to guide you.

I don’t send these little “love notes” enough, so while I was thinking about it I wanted to stop and tell you how grateful I am for YOU!

The help desk is always a zoo, but it’s always open to you and I’m here.

Okay back to work for me… I’m finally putting the finishing touches on the new workshop I’ve been talking about (The Instagram Traffic Takeover Workshop) and I gotta get back to the grind.

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

Last Day To Get In!

The other day I told you about my quest to have more TIME this year for things besides my work.

It’s a struggle because I LOVE my work, but I need to make WAY more time to be away from the computer or phone.

To do that though I need to setup more things that don’t require my time and still make me-money.

My son goes to college this fall. Now is NOT the time to take time off of work and make less money. 😂

So I found this program called Meme Secrets and it has a great way to earn-money with it.

You basically get paid for sharing memes.

TODAY is the last day to get in at the founders price which is a one time-payment.

After today all the content will be loaded into the member’s area and you’ll have to pay a MONTHLY fee for it.

Grab your spot at

My favorite thing about this besides all the marketing you’re going to learn with it, is that it pays you on up to 3 levels. This is what REALLY caught my attention at first, but when I saw all the stuff that was coming to members I got REALLY excited.

I mean learning AND earning, and I don’t have to do anything but share memes?


I have also started a Facebook group just for those who join through me. In this Facebook group I will be showing you how I create my memes, what memes I’m creating to promote this opportunity, giving you memes to share so you can do all of this easily, and so much more.

I start moving things into the Facebook group TODAY! 🙂

So… If you want to join an opportunity that you have to do VERY little to earn-with, learn a ton from, and have me personally help you get promoting this then go here now before this turns into a monthly offer >>>

After that, send me a message on the support desk at and I’ll give you access to our special Facebook group.

Okay that’s all for today… Happy Monday and I hope you’re doing something to up your online-income today!

Talk soon!